Psi-Fi Series First Issue Arrives

Psi-Fi series first pilot issue - It's All in Your Mind



Psi-Fi Series Chapter 1: It’s All in Your Mind


After several years in the making, the first issue of our Psi-Fi Series, It’s All in Your Mind, is available for pre-order. The collector’s limited edition features covers letterpressed with metallic ink by The Aesthetic Union and singer-sewn binding by Ladybones Print. The regular edition is just around the corner too, as well as wearable affirmation pieces and other pieces featuring artwork from the series.


This Psi-Fi series is more than just a book series: an exploration of life’s journey, each chapter focuses on a specific level of the psyche’s functions – intellect, emotion, imagination, embodiment, and consciousness.


Each chapter is a new release beginning with two books: the illustrated pilot issue, on which each chapter hinges, featuring symbolic illustrations in story format, and a guided walkthrough in text format, which unpacks the concepts explored through illustration in the pilot and offers further insights and leads to resources, practical tools, and more. Additionally, wearable affirmations–apparel, accessories, and more–supplement the chapters as encouraging reminders to integrate any insights gained from the series into daily life–either as mementos or like talismans, the idea is to help embed insights in personal, accessible, and practical ways. We believe that everyone is capable of evolving, and that we all achieve insight in our own unique ways; based on this belief, we’ve created the series through these multiple platforms so that anyone can explore and learn in personally meaningful ways.


More information will be made available soon, although in the meantime you can reserve a collector’s edition (only 100 printed) by signing up to our mailing list or contacting us via hello@unknownquantity.org. Stay tuned for more previews!


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