Past Projects

A Night at the Museum

Key pieces were selected from Unknown Quantity’s vintage collection, referencing various eras and juxtaposed to highlight the transformations through layers of time, which is always Now. Installation; combined exhibition, Fairfield Museum & Gallery, 2013.

Always Never Now

Altered clocks, mixed media, and collage. Solo exhibition, Mars Hill cafe, 2011.


Part of a group exhibition at the Quirkability gallery, various works explore the phenomena of dreaming, altered states of consciousness, and dream encounters.

Mixed media and collage, Quirkability 2011

Lost & Found

Images and artworks using vintage ephemera were developed based on the respective collections of Fairfield Museum and Unknown Quantity. The exhibition explores the way our perceived value of objects changes over time, as the throwaway becomes precious, and what was once treasured is eventually discarded.

Mixed media, collage, and print; “Lost and Found” solo exhibtion, Fairfield Museum & Gallery, 2013.


Various images explore the concept of the magnitude of the self and psyche within the cosmos: are we vast, containing all within ourselves, insignificantly tiny, or simultaneously both?

Mixed media and collage with hand-cut details; joint exhibition, Mars Hill cafe, 2013.

Parramatta Library Display

A custom made display unit was designed and constructed from mostly upcycled and reclaimed materials for Parramatta Library’s range of library bags made from recycled street banners.

Hand-cut vinyl on altered upcycled signage; Parramatta Library main branch, 2013

Sustainable Garden

Multicolour plastic bags were upcycled into hand-cut flowers and suspended within the Connection Arcade for Sydney Festival’s “Sustainable Garden”, a group installation featuring an indoor garden made from upcycled materials. Flower templates are still availabe via our related blog post.

“Everything is Useful” installation, “Sustainable Garden” – Sydney Festival 2012 (Parramatta location)