Psi-Fi Series

Psi-Fi Series Arrives

Long-awaited, painstakingly planned and handcrafted, this convergence of philosophies and design brings forth a new, multifaceted concept.

Design and art become a means of contemplation, remembrance, and metaphor, centred on a themed story conveyed through art, symbol,¬†literature, and wearable affirmations.Through these diverse channels, the overall concept explores the journey of being alive, simultaneously promoting resilience, mindfulness, and personal evolution through wellbeing. The first chapter, titled It’s All in Your Mind, is available in a limited collector’s edition as well as a standard version. Featuring letterpressed covers with metallic ink and singer-stitched binding, the first run is available in only 100 of each. Sign up to our mailing list¬†to be updated on news, events, releases, or to secure a pre-ordered copy of the limited collector’s edition. Stay tuned as we add more previews!