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Jun 2017
Psi-Fi Series First Issue Arrives

Psi-Fi Series First Issue Arrives     Psi-Fi Series Chapter 1: It’s All in Your Mind   After several years in the making, the first issue of our Psi-Fi Series, It’s All in Your Mind, is available for pre-order. The collector’s limited edition features covers letterpressed with metallic ink by The Aesthetic Union and singer-sewn binding by Ladybones Print. The regular edition is just around the corner too, as well as wearable affirmation pieces and other pieces featuring artwork from the series.   This Psi-Fi series is more than just a book series: an exploration of life’s journey, each chapter focuses on a specific level of the psyche’s functions – intellect, emotion, imagination, embodiment, and consciousness.   Read more

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Apr 2016
Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be

  The passage of time transforms the mundane, ordinary, and everyday into something special. Today’s bus ticket, ubiquitous advertisement, or household packaging is thrown out without a thought, yet if preserved over the right amount of decades or years, the item acquires the ability to inspire awe and nostalgia; the very elements once perceived as mundane become the communicators of a time that once was, almost a form of time travel, even if only in the mind. The fonts, colours, details, and even subject matter, all conspire to suggest a world that may no longer exist outside the memories we hold, and underline the distance of progress between now and Read more

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Oct 2014
Hang-ups – An interactive installation for mental health month

Hangups – we’ve all got them.   What’s been bugging you, what’s your hangup? Do you believe you are not good enough, that you might never find love, that you always miss opportunities, or have you held onto bad memories that trip you up? Hangups are defined as “a psychological or emotional difficulty, or an obstacle to smooth progress or development”: ie, negative thinking and beliefs, old beliefs about ourselves the world, the little things that bug us and cause stress; bad habits that keep us down, fears, and schemas. October is the month to get it off your chest! Mental health month is a great time to start taking back Read more

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May 2014
Dream journal workshop

  Ever wondered what your dreams mean? Has a dream ever affected you so deeply that the feeling carries into the waking hours? Maybe you wonder why we even dream at all! Enter your greatest ally: the dream journal. The simple act of recording and tracking dreams has been proven to effectively enrich the quality of life, whether by revealing underlying feelings and issues, forecasting illness, or even providing images of healing and solutions to problems in our waking life. Many inventions, novels, music, and art were inspired by dreams – from Einstein’s relativity theory to the invention of the sewing machine, Dali’s paintings, and Kekule even found the missing Read more

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