Ever wondered what your dreams mean? Has a dream ever affected you so deeply that the feeling carries into the waking hours? Maybe you wonder why we even dream at all!

Enter your greatest ally: the dream journal.

The simple act of recording and tracking dreams has been proven to effectively enrich the quality of life, whether by revealing underlying feelings and issues, forecasting illness, or even providing images of healing and solutions to problems in our waking life. Many inventions, novels, music, and art were inspired by dreams – from Einstein’s relativity theory to the invention of the sewing machine, Dali’s paintings, and Kekule even found the missing information needed to complete his scientific enquiry in a dream.

Your dreams are packed with valuable insight, which can be used for all and any aspects of your life – from creativity, to healing, decision making, facing fears, self-development, and even just for fun! Keeping a dream journal is a key way of harnessing this valuable resource. I personally have been keeping dream journals for 23 years, and have found the practice of recording, reviewing, and tracking dreams to be one of the most valuable life skills I’ve learnt. No wonder there are organisations like the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) pursuing research in this area!


Join us by registering at Eventbrite – you’ll receive a blank journal which you can customise using our art materials (or you can BYO if you prefer), notes, the basics of journaling, working with, and tracking dreams, as well as a free 6 month membership with Sea Life Dreams, where you can journal online and share your dreams with members from all around the world! On top of that, you’ll also get 20% off any Unknown Quantity stock in store on the day. Not bad for only $25!



This Saturday 10th may marks the first World Day of Active Dreaming, and we are celebrating it by holding a workshop on the art of dream journaling, along with the basics of tracking and working with dreams in order to make the most of this free, valuable resource we have access to every time we sleep. Active dreaming was developed by pioneering dream teacher & author Robert Moss – “Active Dreaming is a way of talking and walking our dreams, of bringing energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life”. Check out Robert’s in-depth, engaging work via his blogs, facebook, or his books.


When: Sat 10th May, 2:30-4pm

Where: Unknown Quantity store, Parramatta


Contact us on hello@unknownquantity.org if you would like any further information.

A big thanks again to Popup Parramatta for helping make this possible!

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