About Us

Unknown Quantity is an independent label and design entity, focusing on apparel and art with a heavy emphasis on repurposing, upcycling, vintage, obscure, and obsolete components and materials. A focus on alternatives is prevalent; the apparel is not fashion, the work is not confined to category or any cultural framework. Products include apparel and accessories, artworks (mixed media, collage, paintings), decoupage, upcycled and repurposed objects. A service is also offered where clients may have existing garments either customised or upgraded in a joint process of mutual consultation.

Much of the work incorporates aleatoricism, including chance and random events as part of the overall direction. Accidental outcomes and unexpected elements are embraced and used as another raw material, built upon and thus incorporating process into product. As the Balinese culture has no actual word for “art” or “artist” – since no distinction is made there between magic, art, and everyday life – the work here embraces and views everything as art, magic, and miracle. The vision here is to open up an expansive view, to make these things visible, tangible, and to widen the scope of perception.